The Anarchist Café wants to enable a comfortable meeting point and a vivid exchange for people who are interested in critics on dominion and anarchism.
In the beginning we usually cook vegan food together (you can also bring edibles, but please vegan/dumpster-vegetarian), and if events (discussion, movie, workshop etc.) are planned to happen, they start after cooking.
Besides there’s a corner with books and brochures which you can read at the Café and also lend. A valuable and respektful atmosphere is important to us!
We are looking forward to your visit!


21 October 2017
finally an update from the Anarchist Café to the room project!

What actually happened to the planned room project?
In April we could generate our first money for looking for a room in Vienna – thanks to the support of many people! After quiete short time we had to recognize, that the rents in Vienna are so high, that we cannot afford a room like that with the current number of people we are. But as we still badly want an anarchist meeting point in Vienna, we decided to look for other options to realize our ideas.

So, already before summer the Anarchist Café in Perpetuum Mobile arose. The Anarchist Café should enable the support of the exchange under anarchists in Vienna. Therefore we regularly arrange discussions to the topic of lived anarchism, we exchange about experiences in the struggle against ordinary forms of oppression and share our personal and collective notions of revolution. We come together for watching films and cook vegan food together. We invite all anarchists and interested people for joining us! One goal of the project is to make anti-autoritarian contents accessible and tangible and to step over the borders of the scene with this. It’s important to shape our contents in a way that neighbors and youngern people can also come by for hanging out and talking about anarchy. To enable this, there will be at least one event per month take place in english and there is a little library for lending anarchist literature. We are happy if you also want to contribute books and brochures for the library!

What’s also important to us: We made the experience, that discussions about theories are good and important to sharpen our analyses. But we always want to be aware, that as important as this is to boost the personal debate about dominance in interhuman interactions, to develop perspectives out of this together. Therefore we also want to use our events to talk about moods and tensions and create ideas together, how we can strenghten our contexts in Vienna in the future.

For now we ended our search for a room in Vienna, to dedicate ourselfs to the Anarchist Café with full attention. The money we collected will be used to keep the infrastructure in Perpetuum Mobile (renovations, etc.) alive and for the rent. But we don’t want that the idea of the room project disapears in the draw of unfulfilled wishes. If it happens that an initiative emerges out of this passion, we want to support the execution and invite to an open meeting in Perpetuum Mobile. If you’re interested in this you can write an E-Mail (acafewien [at] riseup.net).

From now on the A-Café takes place rotational Sunday and Friday, 4 times a month, starting at 6pm in Perpetuum Mobile. On Sundays there will be Inputs in different forms and on Fridays the focus is to exchance, to read books from the library or whatever you can think of.

The exact dates and the programme you find HERE.
And at zeit.diebin.at and gegendielangeweile.net

We are looking forward to have a coffee with you!
Lovely and solidary regards,
the A-Café